Our role in large scale regeneration

Re provides a crucial link between local authorities and developers, helping to deliver better outcomes for both parties.

We work with public sector clients to help regeneration projects get underway, from concept to completion. We put ‘place’ at the heart of what we do.

Spotlight on Colindale

Colindale is a fully private-led development bringing over 10,000 new homes to the area. By 2021, Colindale will be a vibrant, successful and diverse neighbourhood where people will want to live, work and visit. It will accommodate high quality sustainable developments within 4 ‘corridors of change’ and a new neighbourhood centre. Colindale will become a successful suburb in North London, providing existing and new communities with high quality local services, improved transport and access to enhance green space and leisure facilities.

How we are creating 'place' in Colindale

Re initially identified which local businesses were interested in relocating or expanding in the area. The research led us to the local RAF Museum based at Grahame Park Way, London, NW9. Re worked with the museum to successfully bid for lottery funding which is enabling major enhancements to their visitor attraction facilities.

Working with Barnet Council, we developed and received approval on a business case which relocated Council employees to a new office in Colindale in 2019. The office is the ‘anchor’ tenant in the new town, helping to create a strong daytime economy.

Facilitating the relocation of Barnet and Southgate College

Re facilitated the relocation of the outdated Barnet and Southgate College to new built premises around a civic square in Colindale, opposite the Council’s new office.

At the former large holding of the college site, Re led the negotiation with a residential developer that identified the land the college needed. Using our planning experience and influence, we helped the college to confidently sell the existing site so the proceeds could be used to fund the development at the college. At the same time, Re initiated collaborative working with the Council's service commissioners to capatalise on the opportunity of a new building to relocate both a library and Centre for Independent Living. This will provide improved facilities to the Colindale community and bring further financial resource to help fund the college rebuild.

By putting the ‘place’ into the regeneration of Colindale this inspired us to put a package of incentives and interventions together for the college. This meant Barnet and Southgate College can now offer a state-of-the art teaching environment, benefiting the young people of the area, operating out of a smart new building that helps mark out a new town centre for Colindale.

The scale and ambition of this regeneration project is huge and it’s the focus on place making and good growth that has helped drive forward this development in a way that is attractive to developers and investors, while also retaining the heart and soul of the area and meeting the needs of its residents. Stephen McDonald, Director of Place