Taking care of Place

We care about Place

There has been a shift in local government funding in recent years away from needs-based revenue support grants to incentives for economic growth.

Now more than ever, local authorities need to shape their locality to attract businesses, create employment opportunities and provide the best skills, local services and facilities where people want to live, work and enjoy their leisure time.

For local authorities, creating thriving places means taking a holistic approach to local services, residents, assets and infrastructure. This includes:

  • Tackling areas of deprivation
  • Creating jobs
  • Attracting investment
  • Achieving social cohesion
  • Minimising inequality
  • Creating an attractive environment
  • Supporting business and entrepreneurialism
  • Establishing healthy and self-sustaining high streets
  • Increasing the financial and social wealth of the borough.

We believe that creating new homes and attracting and retaining businesses can create a continuous cycle of activity that enables local authorities to regenerate their localities.

And by attracting people, businesses and skills, people are more likely to spend, invest and stay in the local area to create their own opportunities and generate social and economic value.

Our range of property development and regulatory services are at the heart of  creating prosperous places. We can provide a range of technical services that can address any number of economic issues your locality could be facing. Our experts can offer advice and guidance on how to help you to help your place succeed. 

Managing the largest regeneration programme in Europe

Here at Re we are leading the £2.5bn regeneration programme of Brent Cross Cricklewood in London Borough of Barnet. It is now the largest regeneration programme in Europe. The development will bring a new town centre including 7,500 homes, 27,000 jobs, three re-built schools, new parks and community facilities and an additional train station on the Midland Mainline and major road and public transport improvements.

We have pioneered an innovative, quick and effective procurement process to secure Barnet Council’s joint venture development partners, (Argent and Related) and is now leading on programme management, detailed planning, as well as design and procurement of the station and parts of the road infrastructure.