Regulatory services

We offer fully-managed regulatory services which enable local authorities to meet their regulatory obligations for environmental health, trading standards, licensing and public health.

With a combination of experienced practitioners and technical specialists, we can also help you to transform your capabilities to generate new revenue and efficiencies in order to reduce the net cost of your service. We develop commercialised services and exploit funding opportunities to generate revenue streams for your organisation.

We can deliver services that are tailored to your local needs, from advice and consultancy to full service outsourcing. By combining regulatory services with our commercialisation programme, we can enhance outcomes and generate revenue, economic development and social value.

Our services:

  • Fully-managed regulatory services
  • Licensing processing
  • Taxi licensing
  • Business and consumer technical
  • enquiry service
  • Inspection and sampling.

Benefits to you:

  • Improved service resilience at a lower cost of delivery
  • Maximised revenue through transforming the capabilities of your regulatory services
  • Quicker processing times to offer a more responsive service to your customers
  • Enhanced customer experience by utilising the latest digital technology and customer service channels to provide information and resolve queries
  • Improved confidence among your local economy
  • Greater propensity for local businesses to grow and in turn contribute to the local economy by investing locally and creating employment opportunities.