We know that a stronger community and economy is developed through a better built environment. Our regeneration solutions take projects from concept to completion.

Our entire approach is designed to deliver tangible outcomes that improve the community and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

We are also focused on improving the bottom line for your Council, through economic development and regeneration that increases revenues from council tax and business rates.

Our services:

  • Regeneration strategy and strategic development advice
  • Key performance indicator development
  • Community engagement and participation
  • Delivery Partner and Major
  • Stakeholder Interface
  • Programme efficiency
  • Innovation and collaboration
  • Capacity building
  • Green infrastructure
  • Planning and construction risk management.

Benefits to you:

  • We are able to draw upon Capita‚Äôs substantial infrastructure and regeneration experience throughout the UK, enabling you to benefit from:
  • Strong market intelligence and advisory across planning, urban design, heritage, environmental impact, socio-economic value, CPO and public engagement to enable a more efficient and focused planning approach
  • Attracting employers, skills, investment and employment from companies who will benefit from the schemes and contribute to the local economy
  • Strategies to attract the maximum investment opportunities from partners, to ensure mutual benefits and a lasting legacy for the community
  • Our understanding of local authorities and proven expertise means we can provide regeneration solutions at both a programme and project level, giving you the assurance of reduced.