Land Charges

Our team of experienced land charge experts are dedicated to providing a fast, efficient and professional local land charges service to help maximise revenue within your organisation.

We guarantee to conduct land searches within three days, providing better customer satisfaction and giving you competitive advantage against other suppliers.

This increases demand and maximises revenue for your local organisation. We make sure that you achieve a better performing and more cost effective service that is adaptable to changes in legislation.

Our services:

  • Maintaining the local land charges register and recording all entries registered against properties within the borough
  • Responding to enquiries and providing applicants with the details of entries on the Local Land Charges Register (search requests)
  • Digitising the local land charges register
  • Providing consultancy advice on data cleansing.

Benefits to you:

  • Digital services to deliver a more robust, cost effective and secure service, which can be delivered through a shared service
  • Infrastructure
  • An open data platform, which supplies information to personal search companies in an easily accessible format and at a lower cost
  • Investment in the local area by removing challenges for customers when purchasing land and properties
  • The potential for you to offer residents a one stop-shop for local land charges and other services, such as licencing and planning
  • Maintaining services locally and therefore removing the risk of lost income Access to land charges experts to mentor and advise your local delivery teams
  • Advice from lawyers within our team that to provide you with detailed understanding about the legal implications of local land charges.


land charges graphic