Local authorities

Delivering better value and more sustainable development and regulatory services in an ever changing world. 

Against ongoing public sector spending challenges, local authorities need to deliver long-term regeneration strategies that create thriving communities, meet the housing shortfall and attract business and investment in the local area.

Equally, there is a continual need to deliver high quality planning, highways and regulatory services for residents and businesses.

Our range of service for local authorities can help you to:

  • Deliver a better built environment
  • Achieve cost savings
  • Make the most of your property assets to generate revenue for your local authority
  • Provide services that are more responsive to market and resident needs
  • Achieve economic and social value in your local area.

We can help you with:

Highways asset management

Our teams can manage your transport and highway asset management plans, bespoke specifications, manuals, intervention criteria and policy documents for your organisation.

Planning services

We provide the full range of planning and development services for local authority and commercial clients. As a market leader of development services and working with over 60 local planning authorities across the UK, we integrate planning, policy development and building control.


We know that a stronger community and economy is developed through a better built environment. Our regeneration solutions take projects from concept to completion.

Land charges

Our team of experienced land charge experts are dedicated to providing a fast, efficient and professional local land charges service to help maximise revenue within your organisation.

Regulatory services

We offer fully-managed regulatory services which enable local authorities to meet their regulatory obligations for environmental health, trading standards, licensing and public health.

Re’s Regulatory Services Pest Control service recently secured a contract to provide a preventative baiting programme for Barnet Homes.


Our full-managed housing service helps you to increase the overall rented housing stock in your area and ensures residents are living in safer, fit-for-purpose homes.

We have partnerships with several councils, providing the full range of planning policy and development management services. And we’re already working with more than 60 local planning authorities across the country offering help with peak demand and help with complex regeneration projects.

Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to your needs. We can provide you with additional capacity to support your existing resources during peaks in demand, right through to handling complex fully-managed projects that support your local regeneration and economic growth agendas.