Re enables local authorities to become more financially self-sufficient

At the heart of our vision is growing our joint venture to allow local businesses, residents and other local authorities across London and the South East to benefit from our innovative propositions. In the last year we have grown our teams across a number of services to cope with increased demand.

The number of clients we provide planning services and consultancy to has grown beyond expectations. As our business grows, we can develop new propositions to deliver services outside of Barnet. Since Re was formed, we have provided a range of property, developmental and regulatory services to a host of other local authorities.

Looking ahead, the local government market is seeking answers to the big challenge; how to sustain services in the face of growing demand and reduced resource?

Our capabilities in commercialising services and access to resilience packages for key services such as planning, building control and regulatory services will form part of that answer allowing our clients to create new revenue streams whilst delivering growth from infrastructure and housing development.

Planning resilience service

Re is providing planning resilience to local authorities who need immediate additional planning capacity. This is a flexible support model which can be switched on and off to deal with peaks and troughs in demand. The vibrant real estate market and ambitious regeneration schemes across London are creating untold pressure on council planning teams therefore our flexible resilience model allows customers to meet the needs of developers without being limited by staffing capacity. We can provide a council with additional capacity in all aspects of both planning policy and development management services.

Building Control resilience

We understand that local authorities are increasingly facing financial pressures, which has inevitably had a knock on effect of their available resources and expertise across council services. We can provide immediate building control resilience support to local authorities who need immediate solutions and a flexible service which can be switched on and off as required. More specifically, we can assist local autorities who:

  • Do not have the in-house capacity to meet their service demands
  • Do not have the in-house capability and expertise to deal with their building control demands

Commercialisation partnerships

We have developed a proposition that allows other local authorities to take advantage of our experiences and to raise revenue in order to sustain valuable development and regulatory services. Often our customers have the ambition but lack the capability or capacity to transform services themselves. We have developed a service that allows us to bring all of Re’s expertise to our customers as we work alongside their teams to generate new revenue streams that allows them to continue to deliver the services their local businesses and residents wish to see.

To know more about our planning and building control services or our resilience of commercialisation offers, contact or call him on 07912 975342.

Why choose Re?

Sustainability is key

Re brings an entrepreneurial focus and can help councils to properly commercialise services and generate revenue streams to improve sustainability, protect services and deliver better value to the tax payer.


Though our breadth of services and a range of delivery models, Re can meet the individual customer needs from major outsourcings right though to short-term resilience support.

Stability and financial security

Re is growing; it’s a profit making business and is generating revenue for Barnet Council. It’s backed by a FTSE250 company, providing a backdrop of commercial focus and stability.

Trusted experts

From professionals working on the ground right through to the Board. Re provides a unique blend of strong market knowledge and experience from both local government and the private sector.


Re demonstrates innovation in its business model and in the way it delivers individual services. From a market level, Re is leading edge and has a proven commercial model. Each service is delivering innovative processes, solutions and outcomes with demonstrable examples.

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