Re provides a crucial link between local authorities and developers, helping to deliver better outcomes for both parties.

We know that making a planning application is often the first major step of any development project. Whether it’s for a home improvement, business or for a major build, it is important that you have access to specialist advice. We are here to help you with your building or development projects.

No matter how big or small your project is we offer a range of services to ensure your development proposals are established quickly and efficiently.

Development Consultancy service

As a public/private joint venture business, we bring the best of the private sector approach with public sector market expertise. This means we have a complete understanding of the complex development processes, local authority planning procedures and compliance requirements

Re’s Development Consultancy service offers a comprehensive range of services including general planning advice, surveys, drawings and the submission of all types of planning applications.

With a complete understanding of local authority planning processes, Re’s Development Consultancy service can ensure your development proposals are established quickly and efficiently to achieve schemes that obtain planning permission whilst wholeheartedly satisfying the needs of developers.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary planning appraisals
  • Measure building and site surveys
  • Building design
  • Pre-application support
  • Minor to major planning applications
  • Planning appeals
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Acoustics / noise assessments
  • Air quality assessments

Our consultants have experience in a diverse range of sectors and positions and work closely with our designers to produce planning led schemes which have high rates of approval.

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Environmental Consultancy

Re is a leading provider of environmental, acoustic, sustainability and air quality services to private and public sector developers

Our project management experience allows as to advise on small specialist development projects through to large-scale multi-disciplinary commissions.

Why use Re’s Environmental Consultancy service?

  • We have extensive knowledge of the North London and Herfordshire area
  • We understand local planning approaches
  • Our consultants are highly qualified (ISO 9001) status and are Members of a number of professional bodies including the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Institute of Acoustics
  • We offer cost effective consultancy advice and to rapidly progress planning using the Fast Track planning application service

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Fast track Planning and Pre-Application Advice service

Together Re and the London Borough of Barnet work in partnership to deliver planning services. In addition to the statutory planning service, we offer a range of premium options to speed up your planning application.

We can fast-track all types of planning applications and pre-application planning advice requests – giving you guaranteed timescales and allowing you to begin work on your project more quickly.

When choosing any of the fast-track services, we guarantee to contact you and provide advice from an experienced planner within an accelerated timescale. While the service doesn’t impact on whether planning permission is granted, you will receive a quicker decision on your application.

Bespoke services are also available depending on your individual needs.

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Tel: 020 8359 3320

Fast-track planning requests:

Pre-application advice:

Click here to visit Barnet London Borough Fast Track Service.

Large scale developments /regeneration projects

We offer a range of end-to-end support services that help private sector organisations deliver better quality developments at a faster pace, including:

  • Site identification
  • Scheme development
  • Development appraisals and viability
  • Architectural and engineering design
  • Creation of full planning applications
  • Building regulations and insurance compliance