Party Wall Act – How can we help?

If you intend to carry out building work or excavations in close proximity to the boundary of your property, you may need to formally notify your neighbours in advance as a requirement of the Party Wall Act.

The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 exists to protect the rights of both building and adjoining owners in relation to work near the boundary and Re (Regional Enterprise) Ltd can advise you if the Act is applicable to your proposed building work and what type of notice needs to be served. We can also professionally prepare and serve Party Wall notices on your behalf and prepare condition surveys where required.

Examples of work requiring Party Wall Act notification include the following:

  • Extensions on or near the boundary
  • Removal of a chimney breast from a party wall
  • Exposing a previously enclosed party wall, by demolition for example
  • Cutting into a party wall to insert a beam, for example
  • Altering a masonry garden wall on the boundary.

Party Wall Award

If a dispute arises following the service of the relevant notice, a party wall surveyor or surveyors must be appointed to resolve matters. This takes the form of an ‘award’ or agreement that sets out certain conditions regarding the proposed work and the way that the work is undertaken.

The duties of the Party Wall Surveyor are similar to those of arbitrators and Re Ltd can provide this service for you where necessary.

If appointed under the terms of the Act, we would draft and serve the Party Wall Award and subsequently visit site during construction to ensure the relevant conditions are adhered to.

We can also help where your neighbour intends to carry out building work that is subject to the provisions of the Act or advise how to respond when you have received a notice of intention to build.

Our advice to you

Disputes arising from building work near to boundaries can result in costly legal fees and the Party Wall Act can help to avoid such situations and safeguard your interests. To establish if your proposal comes within the Act, you should seek advice from an experienced party wall surveyor.

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