Local Land Charge Search

Buying property and land does not come cheap or without risks, so it’s important to get land charge search information you can trust. Our experienced Land Charges Team will carry out your official search.

When property or land is changing hands, you need a Local Land Charges search carried out as part of your conveyancing process. A full search includes form LLC1, which provides a list of all of the relevant entries in the Local Land Charges Register. This will usually also include Con29, which details planning applications (granted or refused), building control history, any enforcement action, restrictions on permitted development, nearby road schemes, contaminated land and radon gas. The official search certificate must be signed on behalf of the registering authority.

It usually takes five working days to carry out a full search.  If you would like a faster service you can request a fast track search and get your results the next working day. You can also do a personal search of Local Land Charges Register, carried out in accordance with the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and Local Land Charges Rules 1977. 

You can now submit your search request online. Searches requested online will be prioritised. For further information visit The National Land Information Service or http://www.tmgroup.co.uk/