Re understands businesses in Barnet and can help them unlock growth

Re provides a range of services to local businesses in Barnet, from large companies to start-ups that allow them to meet challenges and unlock further growth.

Local businesses play a critical role in supporting the local economy through job creation, investment and the retail and services offering for residents. We are committed to supporting small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) with business advice to support their legal requirements and responsibilities across environmental health and trading standards, planning and development control, building control and licensing.

Re’s range of business advice services are helping SMEs to fulfil their legal obligations, improve standards and become a catalyst to growth to further fuel economic development.

Business advice service

Tier 1 - Free Service

Tier 2 - Paid for Service

  • Age restricted sales
  • Planning
  • Licensing
  • Street trading
  • Food hygiene and labelling
  • Product safety
  • Dealing with customers
  • Weights and measures
  • Online sales
  • Pricing
  • Health and safety
  • Planning fast track & consultancy service
  • Assisted licensing service
  • Food hygiene rating re assessment
  • Pet monitoring and control contract
  • Staff training
  • Primary authority
  • Single point of contact
  • Small business advisor
  • Risk assessment & management
  • Tailored business specific advice

We have service specific Business Advice offers aimed at licensed premises, landlords, funeral directors and developers.

Spotlight on our environmental health officers in action

In January 2017, Re’s Environmental Health Officers (EHO) undertook a planned food hygiene visit at a restaurant in the N14 area of Barnet. This was a first visit of a new business that had been registered with us by the owner.

The layout of the new kitchen was very good in terms of hygienic food preparation. The EHO suggested improving signage in the raw food preparation areas to alert staff to the risks of cross contamination of bacteria on ready to eat foods. Best practice advice was given on food allergies and intolerances, avoiding cross-contamination and using appropriate food labelling.

As a result of the changes being implemented, the restaurant was awarded the maximum score of 5 in the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Food Safety in catering

Everyone who works with food has a responsibility for safeguarding the health of customers to ensure the food they serve or sell is safe to eat.

Our accredited courses are delivered by practising Environmental Health Officers and on passing the course exam we will issue you with a certificate of achievement from an accredited body.

Whether food is being produced, prepared, cooked, served or stored, we can provide you and your employees with a range of training courses and qualifications at a variety of levels.

We offer a range of monthly, one-day courses, for more information contact us via

Licensing Agency

If you are starting a new business or expanding your existing business, we can help you navigate the complex licensing process.

We offer two levels of service:

1.Checking Service

Helping you avoid unnecessary delays, by thoroughly checking your completed application and guaranteeing your application is valid first time.

2. Application service

A personal one-to-one service; that meets your full licensing needs.We complete and submit applications on your behalf and liaise with the relevant authorities.

To discuss any licensing needs, contact us on 020 8359 3334

Pest Control service

We offer a cost effective pest monitoring and treatment service for commercial premises of any size across the borough.

Monitoring contracts with regular visits enable us to spot changes in pest activity, treat accordingly and keep pests under control.

At the end of each visit you will receive a report containing our findings, treatments carried out and advice to help keep your premises pest free.

For more information about our monitoring contracts contact us