What a load of rubbish

On Thursday 12 July, a small team of volunteers from Re took some time out of their day jobs and used some of their Capita volunteer time to help out in the grounds of Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium in Barnet

The team were tasked with picking up litter from the brook area following the recent clearing of overgrown bushes and low hanging branches.

In just a few hours they collected more than twenty bin bags of mainly plastic waste, with most of the plastic coming from flower wrapping and carrier bags which are sadly non-recyclable materials.

With the cemetery covering an area of 42 acres, and with approx. 17,000 headstones there is potentially a lot of plastic wrapping that gets disposed of and blown around. The team of volunteers did an excellent job in picking up a lot of litter, and the management of the cemetery would like to ask all visitors to the grounds to continue their efforts by unwrapping flowers and taking their plastic away with them.