Mobile working devices for highways

The  highways department within Re is responsible for the management, maintenance and improvement of Barnet's complex and vital highways network. Each year Barnet Residents make over 30,000 calls regarding highways matters from raising potholes to vehicle crossovers and zebra crossings. The Highways teams therefore need to be ready to arrange completion of reaction repairs, sometimes within two hours in order to ensure the network is safe for residents.


Re have expanded our mobile working solution which allows for the field based management of highways defects.

Re introduced an all-electronic system to enable seamless, field based management of highways defects to be sent between Re's highways inspectors and Barnet's highways contractor. The system allows highways inspectors to send information to the EXOR databse from site without the need for paperwork or manual input in the information process.



Having the ability to identify 'live; locations of inspectors and engineers as well as working operatives enables managers and call centre staff to contact individuals that are closest to the reported defect or emergency situation.

The introduction of mobile working devices reduces the risk to lone workers as site staff are constantly in contact and can be visible at all times.


Benefits to Barnet

The mobile solutoin enables Re to better manage highways defects quickly and seamlessly and provides cost efficiency savings in data processing. Importantly, the quality and accuracy of the data gives the council a more robust insurance defence, with clear electronic records of when inspections and repairs were undertaken along with detailed photographic evidence.

The mobile system also provides historical evidence of where inspectors have been, generating a 'snail trail' giving substantiation to the council in defending insurance claims. It clearly shows when individual roads were inspected and what we instructed in line with the Highway Maintenance Inspection Manual and Procedures.