Improving lives - Disabled adaptions


Re provides property adaptations for residents on behalf of the London Borough of Barnet Council, through the Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) programme. This service is accessible to owner occupiers, private rented tenants and Housing Association tenants to enable them to live safely and independently in their own homes.

With considerable experience of delivering services to all of these sectors, we provide project management of home improvement works, specialising in disabled adaptations, such as;

  • level access showers
  • wet floor rooms
  • stair lifts and through floor lifts
  • kitchen adaptations
  • ramps

We manage an annual programme of funding worth £2.9million, provided by the Council for DFG's.


Working closely with the London Borough of Barnet, we remodeled the way we deliver these services. A "systems thinking" review led to a focus on achieving a significantly faster end to end process that has resulted in residents receiving their adaptations much more quickly.

Our customer centric, holistic approach acheives very high levels of customer satisfaction. Now 94% of customers say they are very satisfied with the service they have experienced.

We have a fast-track process in place for end-to-end delivery of disabled adaptation works. This simplified, highly effective process enables referrals to be dealt with by a fast track process. All professionals visit the customer including ; the Grants Officer, the seconded Occupational Therapist (OT) and a highly experienced contractor, jointly carry out one single visit on the same day. This approach allows all parties, including the customer, to agree the scope and timing of the adaptation work, at that meeting.

We have also identified, bid for, managed and implemented grants such as decent homes, warmer homes and minor works services to ensure Barnet gains access to all available funding.


Adaptations are delivered swiftly through our fast track process, ensuring that all adaptations are delivered in the most efficient way.

These adaptations bring numerous benefits for residents:

  • Helping disabled residents regain their independence by ensuring their home is adapted to suit their needs.
  • By increasing the safety of people's homes prevents accidents and potential hospital stays.
  • Keeping people in their homes also alleviates demand on residential care, freeing up funds to be used in other areas of need.

We have demonstrated that we are highly experienced in the supervision and management of disabled adaption works and we are quick to complete these using our well established Care and Repair Agency, we consistently acheive excellent performance against targets.

Our performance is measured via key performance indicators (KPI's), to ensure quality and value for money across all adaptation works carried out. This includes the average cost of a DFG, including high cost major adaptations (excluding paediatric cases). The average cost of an adaptation in 2015/16 was £5807.

We have delivered over 200 adaptations in the last year. This is monitored through a performance indicator (PI), which measures end to end processing times for each DFG, from the initial receipt of referral to the completion of the DFG (including large scale adaptations). Since delivering the service the time it takes to deliver an end to end adaptation has fallen by 184 days on average. Adaptations now take an average of 128 days (Aug 16) compared to 312 days before the service was transferred to Re.

All service users are surveyed to understand their satisfaction with the process and the completed outcome.

In the future we are looking to offer our project management service to a wider number of customers, including those who are self-funding their own adaptations, to assist with project management support for their home improvement and building work.